Cabaz Descobertas Petiscadas Saboreal

€30,83 EUR

Cabaz Descobertas Petiscadas Saboreal

€30,83 EUR

The package includes:

  • Petiscada of  Mackerel with Olives and Almonds (100gr)
  • Petiscada of   Mackerel with Carrot and Coriander (100gr)
  • Petiscada of   Tuna à Algarvia (100gr)
  • Petiscada of   Tuna with Sweet Potato and Coriander (100gr )
  • Petiscada of   Mackerel with Pimento Habanero (Picante) (100gr)
  • Petiscada of   Sardine with Confit Tomato (100gr)
  • Petiscada of   Olhalvo to Xalapa (100gr)
  • Petiscada of   Bacalhau with Organic Olive Oil (100gr)

    * The ingredients marked in bold are allergenic

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