Papa Anzóis

Papa Anzóis® cans are radically different from large-scale cans.  Its artisanal production, in small controlled batches, makes it possible to develop an excellent product.  Instead of pre-cooking, we use a dehydration process, developed by us, in order to maintain the organoleptic properties of fresh fish.

In the production of Papa Anzóis®, there is a respect for the treatment of ingredients that can be seen in the rich and high quality result of this product.  The raw material, like its name, comes from the Algarve region.  Conserveira do arade bets on production with ingredients purchased from local producers, thus guaranteeing the maximum freshness and quality of its raw material.
Papa Anzois® canned foods come from the dream of returning to the historical roots of canning production in the western Algarve. By reinventing the destiny of this industry and the production processes, a superior quality preserve that respects the integrity of the ingredients is developed.

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