About Us

Created in 2015, Conserveira do Arade, owner of Saboreal, was born on the banks of the river that gives it its name.  With a young and dynamic spirit, we invest in the development of our own manufacturing processes.  We created a set of products that refer to the ancestry of the canning tradition, with the quality and efficiency of modernity.
We are certified as artisanal producers, something that fills us with pride, since from the beginning of our company we have defended handicrafts.  We believe that in order to have excellent products we must produce them by hand.  That is why the path we follow is to invest in the quality of our human capital, to the detriment of mechanical processes.
Made by people for people
We value the producers we work with, it is through them that we obtain high quality ingredients.  We prioritize local producers - the closer the raw material is to our recipes, the fresher they will be.
The Arade basin, historically linked to the production of canned fish, for various reasons was orphaned by canning factories at the end of the last century.  We recovered the tradition of our land, and created a company with a young vision and an enormous desire to win using what is ours.  Click to find our location.