Gift Baskets

Conserveira do Arade gift baskets bring together a mix of products carefully combined for different customer needs.  Do you want to make a difference by offering something unique, quality and produced in Portugal?  Do you want to create that "WHOW!" effect by offering something really special and memorable?
Petiscadas - Canned assortment, in a glass jar, based on shredded fish with vegetables and Algarve seasonings. Packing with the weight of 100gr. They can be eaten in their natural state, with bread, crackers or as part of a more complex meal. || Papa Anzóis - It can be preserved in a can, produced using a process that replaces pre-cooking with dehydration that allows the organoleptic qualities of the fish to be maintained. The result is a whole fish, with unrivaled quality and integrity. This preserve is presented in a can and weighing 120 g.
Contact us to find out more about our gift baskets or click on the image to download the catalog.  To order contact us directly by mobile phone (+351) 916 141 249.  Orders placed during festive seasons must be requested at least 10 working days in advance.